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Lay-by Policy


  • lay-bys are only accepted for orders $50 and over

  • a 20% deposit is required of the total purchase price 

  • payment is required in full within 90 days of placing the order

  • the number and frequency of payments is at your discretion

  • individual payments must total $10 or more

  • lay-by does not apply to any "pre-order deposit" - you cannot lay-by on "pre-order deposit"



  • the price of your lay-by items will not change after your order has been placed

  • if new stock of the same item arrives at a higher price, the price of your lay-by item will not increase

  • if new stock of the same item arrives at a lower price, or if the item goes on sale, the price of your lay-by item will not decrease at any stage in the lay-by sale you can request the price of the items,

  • how much is still owing and the total amount that you have paid



  • you can choose to cancel a lay-by at any time

  • Kiss Anime will cancel a lay-by sale if payment is not made in full within 90 days. You will be notified by email of any cancellation

  • a 10% cancellation fee of the total purchase price applies to all lay-bys

  • the full amount that you have paid will be refunded by bank deposit to your NZ bank account, or a store credit, minus the 10% cancellation fee




For example, if you place the order online by selecting the "full payment ($100 as an example)", we require a $20 deposit within 3 business days, the balance of $80 you could pay installments within 90 days.  


When you place the order online, you can choose "Manual Payment" at the check out. Please make sure you insert the order number as the reference when you deposit the money into our bank account every time.

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